Intuitive Readings


What is an Intuitive Reading?

Angie Loren is clairaudient- this means that she hears messages from Spirit. This includes spirit guides as well as messages from loved ones who have transitioned to the other side.

Angie uses Angel Oracle Cards in addition to her readings as validation of the messages she is receiving. Clients may ask about a specific concern or just allow spirit to tell you what they want you to know (which they usually do anyway)! 

Readings may be done over the phone/skype or in person.

Individual Reading Pricing

30 Minute Reading...$60

45 Minute Reading...$90


NEW! Group Readings and Parties (SPECIAL limited time pricing)

There are two options for your in-house party; Group Readings (everyone in same room and the psychic medium intuits messages as they come for participants) or Individual Readings for each party guest privately. 

Pricing for Group Readings-

$30 per guest- minimum of 5 people or $25 per person for parties of 10 or more.

Private Readings- $40 per guest with a minmum of 5 guests, or $30 per guest for parties of 10 or more.

As a host, receive:

  1. Half off your reading
  2. Discounts on future services

*Contact us for details, distance restrictions and traveling fee may apply*