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Meet Angie

I spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t quite fit in and searching for a place of belonging. Around the age of 7, I remember seeing a ghost. When I talked about the experience, I was told that it wasn’t real, my eyes were playing tricks on me, and called weird or crazy. I learned very quickly not to talk about such experiences, as well as, rationalize them away.   

In 2012, my life was changed forever when I was introduced to Reiki. I had finally found a place where I “fit” in, a place of community. I began to uncover and embrace the beautiful gifts I have been blessed with.  

I was able achieve much healing through the use of Reiki and Past Life Regressions. I was able to release many hurts and major roadblocks through these two modalities. In October 2013, I  had the amazing experience of attending a Dr. Brian Weiss’s week long training, where I learned how to lead individuals and groups through past life meditations. 

Although Tarot cards had always intrigued me, they never felt quite right. Then I was introduced to angel cards. I fell in love with their gentle nature and messages. In January 2016, I completed Doreen Virtue’s online class and became a Certified Angel Card Reader. The cards have given me another form of communication with spirit, and I have incorporated them in my intuitive readings. I am still amazed how the right cards turn up at exactly the right time or the same card continually shows up. 

In August 2016, I completed my Reiki training and obtained my Reiki Master Teacher certificate. 

In May 2017, I completed my level 1 Soul Realignment certification. Soul Realignment is a nontraditional Akashic Record course. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege in assisting clients in their healing through one or multiple of these modalities. Each client is unique as is their healing process. Witnessing their progressions, watching them release hurts and blocks, and embracing their light has been such an honor.

Meet Melissa


As a young child I had this vision of my maternal grandmother and I in the garden with an injured bird. In the vision my grandmother was holding my hands with hers over the injured bird, and she explained to me that we could channel energy into the bird to heal it, and with that the bird was healed and flew away. 

I do not know if the vision was a dream, or an alternate reality, or spirits way of communicating my life's purpose to me, but it is something that has stuck with me throughout the years, acting as a stepping stone to the work I have been called to do.

In 2015, my family dog Kirby ate some onions that had fallen onto the kitchen floor while I was making dinner. I didn't realize at the time that onions were toxic to dogs, and Kirby (who is a 7 lb Maltese) fell ill not long after.  He was vomiting profusely and his body was shaking. I took Kirby into my lap, and began that visualization of channeling healing energy into him, and with that the shaking stopped and he fell asleep. About 15 minutes later he woke up acting completely normal and ready to play with my then 5 year old son. It was that very experience I felt validated that childhood memory and sent me delving into energy healing. 

A couple months later I took my first Reiki class, in 2017 completed my Reiki Master certification, and in 2019 became certified as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Since then my life has changed in more ways than I could imagine and Reiki has helped me to bring more peace into my life in all areas.

I met Angie during my second Reiki class while she was taking her Master Teacher certification course and meeting her was like reuniting with an old friend- which often occurs when we meet with souls we have known in a previous lifetime.

Working with Angie, and helping others to find their light in the darkness to bring healing is truly a blessing and an honor. 


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